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Elisa Cordero-Jahr
Facultad de Arquitectura y Artes / Universidad Austral de Chile




Instituto de Arquitectura y Urbanismo
Facultad de Arquitectura y Artes
Universidad Austral de Chile
Campus Isla Teja, Valdivia Chile
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Current Issue
No 26 (2019)
Published: 2019-08-30

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No 26-4 (2019) 

About AUS/Sobre AUS

AUS Journal is a mainstream academic publication belonging to the research community of sustainable architecture and urban development within the sphere of local and global cultures. This biannual journal has an editorial committee; articles are peer reviewed under the double blind system and is indexed in Scopus and Redalyc.

Special Issues published only in English Language

Publication of Institute of Architecture and Urbanism, Faculty of Architecture and Arts, Universidad Austral de Chile.

AUS Magazine is a mainstream academic publication belonging to the community of researchers of sustainable architecture and urbanism, in the field of local and global cultures. The magazine is biannual, has an editorial committee and its articles are peer reviewed in the double blind system.

Scope of the Journal: Articles accepted in Engineering all domines, Architecture, Arts and Humanities for the upcoming issues. It is a publication of social sciences (including but not limited to management, commerce, accounts, economics etc.,) and human sciences, anthropology, communication and information sciences, philosophy, linguistics and semiotics, development problems, Education, Curricula, general teaching methods, Science and technology.

The Editorial Committee may decide to expand its thematic areas in the social sciences, according to the demand that may arise in this regard.

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