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AUS (Valdivia) n.25 Valdivia 2019

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Elisa Cordero-Jahr


National industrialization architectures. The Bío-Bío Papers Complex as a primary autonomous precinct (1953 to date).
Leonel Pérez-Bustamante, Pablo Fuentes-Hernández
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Valparaíso and street vending: Sporadic spatiality and/or saturated spatiality?
Lautaro Ojeda, Andrea Pino
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The Built and Inhabited Neighborhood as a Historic and Social Value: The Case of El Aguilucho in Santiago, Chile
Uri Colodro-Gotthelf
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Social Housing and Segregation: An approach to understanding the difference between large and small cities
Luis Vergara
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Citizen participation in movement: Methodology of commented tours through the Universidad de Magallanes, Punta Arenas.
Karen Andersen, Sofía Balbontín
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The stepped-back architecture: The matrix of the landscape-city (1907-1964)
Eduardo Jiménez-Morales, Ingrid Vargas-Díaz
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Concerning the architect´s objective and his object of study. A necessary basal distinction for the cultivation of a properly architectonic academy
Claudio Araneda
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An experience with University outreach: A Project for a Solid Waste Recycling Cooperative.
Renata Pereira, Vera Luz, Daniel Ribeiro
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Inclusiveness and Architecture. Current Perspectives about a Nascent Relationship.
Rebeca Silva-Roquefort, Mariela Gaete-Reyes, Luis Campos-Medina
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The Impact of Private Buildings for Public Use on Cities. Urban and Architectural Design Strategies.
Juan Garcés-Pinochet
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Interview with architect Néstor Holzapfel Gross
Gonzalo Cerda-Brintrup
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La dinámica urbana de Valdivia.
Laura Rodríguez
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The Impact of Using The Kinetic Story Mix With A Game in Development Some Basic Kinetic Skills of Preschool Children
Sarmad Ahmed Mousa/Suha Jaber Meteab/Roaa Abed Alsalam
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Semi hollow-weak lifting Mods
Marrwa Abdallah Salih,Mahera Rabee Qasem, Iman Ajel Mansour, Mukdad Qaess Hussai
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Automatic Evaluating Russian-Arabic Machine Translation Quality Using BLEU Method
Yasir Khalaf Hussein,Diadeen Ali Hameed,Luay Ibrahim Kalaf,B. Rahmatullah,
Ahmad T. Al-Taani
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Practice for Image Processing and Radiomics Through Deep Learning
Kanar Alaa Hussein Alsammak
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Methodologies of Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical image Processing and Its Uses
Sama Hussein Mohammed Al-Gburi
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