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Elisa Cordero-Jahr
Facultad de Arquitectura y Artes / Universidad Austral de Chile



Special Issue on

"Political systems in the Middle East and the struggle between entrepreneurship and innovation, financial corruption and its effects on the economy"

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AUS (Valdivia) n.26-3 Valdivia 2019

A proposed accounting framework to activate the role of the Federal Board of Supreme Audit in evaluating the universities performance
Fathullah Jasim Mustafa,Lukman M. Aldabbagh, Ahmed Jassim Hameed
1-11  Download PDF

The Auditing of Sustainable Development Practices in Developing Countries Case of Iraq
Thabit H. Thabit, Lukman M. Aldabbagh, Laith K. Ibrahim
12-19 Download PDF

Esraa said Saleh,Khaleel Ismael Azeez,Amer Sami Muneer
20-28  Download PDF

The Shock of Public Revenues and Their Impact on Some of the Macroeconomic Variables in Iraq
Khaleel Ismael Azeez,Esraa said sale,Anmar Ghalib Kolaib
29-39 Download PDF

Building hotel services quality through information technology: Analytical study in a selected sample of private hotels in Baghdad
Wesam Ali Husien,Amer Ali Hamad,Ahmed Mohammed Jassim
40-48 Download PDF

Develop a Holistic Model for Social Entrepreneurship in the Middle East
Ahmad Ali Hussein
49-54 Download PDF

The impact of the Agency Costs on the Going Concern under the Auditor Industry Specialization: An empirical study on private banks in Iraq
Saif Aldin Amjad Ismail,Saddam Mohammed Mahmood, Ali Ibrahim Hussein
55-63 Download PDF

Information Systems: Study and analysis on how to outsource internal audit
Zeyad Taher Mohammed Ali, Wisam Neema Hussein, Husham Omar Hammood,
64-71 Download PDF

Impact of Change in International Politics on Economic Globalization: An Analytical Study
Bilal Abdulhaq Abdulkareem,Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed,Hammood Saad Mhaimeed
72-79 Download PDF

A vision on the economic effects of the global financial crisis on the fiscal policy in Iraq for the period 2003-2014: An analytical study
Mukheef Jassim Hamad, Khalaf Mohammed Hamad, Mohammed Kamil Abdullah
80-94 Download PDF

A standard analysis of the effects of changes in local currency exchange rates on the GDP of
developing countries – Iraq as a model
Saad Salih Issa,Ibrahim Abdullah Jassim,Ziad Ezzeldien Taha,
95-102 Download PDF

The impact of monetary policies on the monetary stability of Iraq and address the problems of inflation in the past three decade
Hameed Hasan Khalaf,Ahmed Rashid Ajrash Almuain,Raad Mohammed Nada
103-110 Download PDF

Iraq's Accession to the World Trade Organization and its Impact on National Security
Saad Salih Issa,Bahaa Anwer Habash,Zena Tariq Ali
111-126 Download PDF

Predictors of Decision-Making Effectiveness in Palestinian Banks
Mohanad S. S. Abumandil,Mutia Sobihah Abd Halim,Mohammed Abdul Kareem Ahmed
127-137 Download PDF

Islamic banking policy and its role in easing the global financial crisis: An analytical study at Faisal Islamic Bank in Sudan
Ahmed Fareed Naji, Ibrahim Ali Kurdi,Mohanad S.S Abumandil
138-144 Download PDF

The impact of job satisfaction and job motivation on employee’s performance: Moderating effect of job autonomy
Sohaib Abdulrahman Tuama,Taraq Azeez Kourdi
145-153 Download PDF

The Optional Disclosure impact on Non-Financial information into improving the Financial reports quality (exploratory study)
Zuhair Khudhair Abbas,Saad ALwan Mehamed
154-161 Download PDF

Islamic Banks in light of developments in electronic banking – A survey study of selected Islamic bank
Shaimaa Walid Abdul Hadi Al – Boab,M. Dr. Laila Abdul Kareem Mohammed Al, Hashimi,M. Zahida Ali Yassin Al – Barzanji
162-170 Download PDF

Financial management under post-2003 policies and the conflict between economic development and political systems
Dured Musa Mahmoud,Mustafa Ismaeel Khaleel Abd, Fekri Ahmed Lahmood
171-179 Download PDF

The relationship between sustainability of governmental debts and the monetary variables
Hasan Kareem Hamzh,Mohamed Ghali Rahi,Mohammed Hussein Kadhim
180-191 Download PDF

Building a simulation model for the Kanbansystem with two cards in the Domestic wires factory: Case study in UR state company
Wessam Hussein Abd Ali,Aseel Ali Mezher
192-207 Download PDF

The role of promotion and its impact on theconsumer culture
Dr. Al Genaibi Thamir Hadi
208-216 Download PDF

Impact of productive government expenditure on economic development in Iraq (2005-2017): A quarterly panel analysis
Mohammed H. Kadhim,Mohamed G. Rahi,Hussein Mohammed Sameed, Mayih S. Al_Shammri
217-227 Download PDF

Globalization, liberalism and economic problems in third world countries: Study and Analysis
Dr. Abdulkhleq Dubai Abdulmahdi, Dr. Abid Ali K. Sadeed Al-Mamoura
228-234 Download PDF

The impact of the marketing mix strategies for competitive advantage: A prospective study of the views of a sample of health managers of Babylon
Dr. Al Genaibi Thamir Hadi, Ahmed Hadi Talib
235-244 Download PDF

The Impact of Some Macroeconomic Variables on Foreign Trade of Manufactures in Singapore for the Period (2000-2017)
Muneim Ahmed Khudair, Shihab Ahmed Ismael,Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed
245-254 Download PDF

The auditor's role in detecting fundamental faults in economic corporates to reduce investment risks: A survey at Nineveh Investment Commission
Dr. Mohammed Hazim Issmeil Al-Ghazali, Ali Salim Abdul Majeed Al-Hayali
255-265 Download PDF

The techniques of Marketing Intelligence and their impact on the Enhancing of the Blue Ocean Strategy: A survey study of the opinions of a sample of private banking leaders in Iraq
Abdullah Mahmood Abdullah,Hatem Ali Abdullah,Thamer Ikab Hawas
266-273 Download PDF

A standard study of the impact of economic globalization on the economies of selected countries
Bushra Abdulbari Ahmed,Zuheir Hamid Turki, Samer Muhammad Fakhr
Download PDF

The Role of Financial Thinking in Increase the Efficiency of Financial Inclusion in Iraq
Dr. Laila Abdul Kareem Mohammed ALHashmi, Dr. Jamal Hadash Mohammed Hussien,M. Zahida Ali Yassin Al-Barzanji
284-293 Download PDF

Page No : 294-308  (Retracted by the Authors)

Vision of the Global Financial System In Light of The Global Financial Crises (Mortgage Crises)
Amer Sami Muneer,Muthanna Mayoof Mahmood, Khalaf Mohammad Hamad
309-323 Download PDF

Public Spending and its Impact on the Value Added of the Manufacturing Sector in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the Time Period (2000-2015)
Anmar Ghalib Kolaib, Ibrahim Abdullh Jassim, Muneam Ahmed Khudhair
324-330 Download PDF

The impact of investment in human capital on economic growth in Iraq
Jinan Salim Hilal
331-337 Download PDF

Effective monetary policies effect on credit market
Ali Hassan Zayer; Taha Talib Mohammed
338-342 Download PDF

The Relationship between Net Income and Tax Income and Its Role in Predicting the Future Profits of the Company
343-352 Download PDF


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