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Call for Papers
No 26-2 (2019)
Published: 2019-09-15

Special Issue on Advanced Tends and Solutions in Computational Science, Information Technology and Computing

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Número especial 26-2

Study Effect of Cold Plasma on Rabbit’s Bones Infected with Osteoporosis using Biological and Digital Image Processing
Atheer Q. Muryoush,Alyaa H. Ali,Hazim al-Ahmed,Sabah N. Mazhir
Page 1-10 Download PDF

Numerical and Experimental Studies on Thermal Properties of Polymer Blends – Based Composites
Raid Khider Salman,Rawa Isam Mohammed, Waleed Bdaiwi Salih
Page 11-19 Download PDF

Calculation The Orbital Elements Variations with Different Perturbations for (LEO) Retrograde Satellite Orbit
Farid M. Mahdi,Abdul-Rahman H. Salih,Magid M. Jarad
Page 20-33 Download PDF

Near –IR High Performance LWP and SWP Polarizer Design for C- and L- Optical Communication Bands
Alaa Nazar Abd Algaffar,Duaa muthana,Hayfa G.Rashid,
Zainab Hazim

Page 43-46 Download PDF

Semiconductor laser behavior under phase variation effect
Salam K. Mousa
Page 47-52 Download PDF

Study of effect the particle size on CdS optical properties as solar cell
Shireen Mohammed Abed, Saeed Naif Turki Al-Rashid
Page 53-58 Download PDF

Studying the Effect of Diabetic on Pancreas using Textural Analysis for Histopathologic Images
Alyaa H. Ali,Sabah N. Mazhir,Neean F. Majeed,Alaa N. Mazher
Page 59-65 Download PDF

Investment of environmental waste to promote materials used in industrial products
Dr. Waleed Bdaiw, Saad M. Hashim.
Page 66-73 Download PDF

Computation The Fractal Dimension To The CuInS2 Thin Film Surface Porosity Depending On The Temperature
Azmi Tawfiq Alrawi,Saad Jassim Mohammed
Page 74-79 Download PDF

Significant Enhancement in Hydrogen Sensing using Boron nitride Wurtzoid Structures
Bilal K. Al-Rawi, Safaa M. Al-Janabi
Page 80-87 Download PDF

Generation Of the Plants As A Self-Similarity Fractal In Three Dimension By Using Lindenmayer System
Azmi Tawfiq Hussain Al-Rawi
Page 88-94 Download PDF

Enhanced thermoelectric performance of zincporphyrin molecules
Mohammed D. Noori
Page 95-99 Download PDF

Structural and Optical properties of V2O5 single and multilayer V2O5/Ag/V2O5 prepared by DC sputtering for NIR reflectors
Harakat Mohsin Roomy,Mohammed K. Khalaf,Alaa Nazar Abed Al-Gaffer
Page 100-107 Download PDF

Study of the thickness effect on spectroscopic and structural properties of CuPc thin films prepared using Pulsed Laser Deposition
Mohammed T. Hussein, Reem R. Mohammed
Page 108-112 Download PDF

Automated Iris Recognition Using Whitens Independent Component Analysis (WICA)
Laith A. Al-Ani, Ayad A. Al-Ani, Yasir A. Jasim
Page 113-115 Download PDF

Study of Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) on Thermal Conductivity and Electrically Properties For Composites Materials (Ep/ Micro -MgO And Ep/Nano-MgO) and Hybrid Composites
Abduladheem Z. Hameed
Page 116-122 Download PDF

Spectroscopic and theoretical studies using benzylideneaniline compounds as models for on understanding the effects of halogen atoms on electronic structure
Abdullah Hussein Kshash, Zeyad khudher Abdulrazzak
Page 123-128 Download PDF

Synthesis and characterization of new sulphur six membered heterocyclic compounds and evaluation their biological activity
Rasim Farraj Muslim, Marwan Mahmood Saleh, Suheb Eaid Saleh
Page 129-135 Download PDF

On the third Hankel determinant for certain classes of analytic functions
Mustafa Ibrahim Hameed,Abdul Rahman S. Juma, Ali Al-Fayadh
Page 136-139 Download PDF

Designing Coupled Feed Forward Neural Network to Solve Fourth Order Singular Boundary Value Problem
Muna H. Ali,Luma. N. M. Tawfiq,Ashraf A.thirthar
Page 140-146 Download PDF

Proposed A New Stochastic Restricted (r-k) Ridge
Regression Estimator With Some New Ridge parameters in Linear Regression Model And Study Its Performance Via Monte Carlo Simulation Method
Feras Sh. M. Batah,Mustafa I. Alheety
Page 147-159 Download PDF

Toward Good Quality Data: A Comparative Study for Solving Missing Values in Big Medical Data
Zahraa Yahya M. AlMayali,Prof. Dr. Kadhim B. S. Aljanabi
Page 160-167 Download PDF

Murooj Khalid Ibraheem ,Israa M. Abdalameer Al-Khafaji,
Saad Ahmed Dheya
Page 168-174 Download PDF

Study Analysis to New Trend for 3D Video Watermark
Abeer Dawood Salman,Hala Bahjat Abdulwahab
Page 175-184 Download PDF

Estimating Intersection Traffic Congestion through V2X Communication
Muntaser A. Salman,Suat Ozdemir,Fatih Vehbi Celebi
Page 185-199 Download PDF

Effect of Node Speed and Packet Size on the Performance of the Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad-Hoc
Network (MANET)
Akeel Shaker Mahmoud, Atheer Bassel, Hussein M. Haglan
Page 200-207 Download PDF

On the Execution of Different Job Scheduling Strategies for Non-Contiguous Allocation Algorithm in k-ary ncube Connected Multicomputers
Doreyed Muhammed Ahmed Awaad Al-Kerboly
Page 208-214 Download PDF

Eaman Sadek Khairy,Kadhim B. S. Aljanabia
Page 215-227 Download PDF

Ahmad Salima,Ali Makki Sagheerab,Salim Bader
Page 228-233 Download PDF

A Framework for I-Voting based on Helios and Public-Key Certificates
Noor Hamad Abid, Sufyan T. Faraj Al-Janabi
Page 234-243 Download PDF

An Enhanced Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm for E-mail Spam Filtering
Hadeel M.Saleh, Khattab M. Ali Alheeti, Saif Saad Hameed, Omer. Y. Assaf
Page 244-251 Download PDF

Speaker Recognition Using Deep Neural Networks with Combine Feature Extraction Techniques
Khalid A. Salman, Khalid Shaker, Jane Jaleel Stephan
Page 252-259 Download PDF

Security of Internet Voting Schemes: A Survey
Sufyan T. Faraj Al-Janabi, Noor Hamad Abid
Page 260-270 Download PDF

Solving Examination Timetabling Problem Using Crow Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Amal Turki Mahdi, Belal Al-Khateeb,
Page 271-280 Download PDF

An Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System for Traffic Occupancy Prediction
Nazhon Ismael Khaleel,Joanna Hartley,Maha Mahmood
Page 281-288 Download PDF

Developing A Secret Sharing Scheme Depending On Magic Cube And Linear Lagrange Interpolation Mathematical Basis
Rafid S. Abdulaziz,Omar A. Dawood,Ali M. Sagheer
Page 289-296 Download PDF

Propose A Lightweight Block Cipher Algorithm For Securing Internet of Things
Seddiq Q. Abd Al-Rahmana,Ali Makki Sagheerb,Omar A. Dawood
Page 297-305 Download PDF

Authentication System Based On Fingerprint Using A New Technique For ROI Selection
Wisam K. Jummar, Ali M. Sagheera
Page 306-317 Download PDF

Optimization of University Course Timetabling Using ß-Hill Climbing
Abbas Fadhil Jasim AL-Gburi, Ahamad Tajudin Khader, Rabah N. Farhan, Mustafa Hamid AL-Jumaili
Page 318-325 Download PDF

Yaseen Hikmat Ismaiel, Sahlah Abed Ali
Page 326-333 Download PD

A Medium Access Control Based on Cross-Layers for Self-driving Vehicles
Tasneem A. Alani, Salah A. Aliesawi
Page 334-339 Download PDF

Drowsiness Detection using Fuzzy Inference System
Hamsa M. Ahmed,Rabah N. Farhan,Salah A. Aliesawi,
Page 340-347 Download PDF

Neural Networks Based Voiceprint Recognition System and Verification
Hajer Y. Khdier,Wesam M. Jasim,Salah A. Aliesawi
Page 348-357 Download PDF

A New framework for Automatic Extraction Polarity and Target of Articles
Dhafar Hamed Abd,Ahmed T. Sadiq,Ayad R. Abbas
Page 358-367 Download PDF

Edge Computing: Review and Future Directions
Amjad Hameed Shehab,Sufyan T. Faraj Al-Janabi
Page 368-380 Download PDF

Page 1 (pp 1-380) Page 2 (pp 381-664)